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Capital Campaign 

In 1962, our very first visionary founding members established the recreation district.

Their dream came to fruition and in 1974 when the first and only indoor pool in the Salinas Valley was built. This new pool provided the residents of Soledad and surrounding communities with the opportunity to access a covered swimming pool to protect from the notorious valley winds. Sixty years later, the district continues to focus on quality services and to this day is the only covered swimming pool in the Salinas more

A new dream for the rec

The vision adopted by the Board through the strategic planning process and the community input received has been to modernize the space to be a welcoming facility, one that gives the community a sense of belonging. A fresh space that will allow The Rec to grow to serve more children, youth, and adults for years to come. The exciting news is that we are already ‘on the road’ to this dream through the contribution of private and public sources! With a cumulative amount raised in just a few weeks of over $250,000.

How you can support 


  • Submit Letter of Support

  • Attend Community Events

  • Spread word to your network and community

  • Sit on Foundation Board



  • Speak on behalf of represented group

  • Possibly travel to state for advocacy

Civil Leader 

  • Lift Project up to all representatives as a benefit for the entire community.

  • Obtain Letter of Support from your Represented Group.


  • Help us to do our part by donating to Capital Campaign.

  • Grant Seeking

  • Grant Writing

  • Connecting Staff with those who can be Large donors to this project.

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