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Fall Ball Softball League


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Become a Volunteer.

Coaches & Team parents 

If you want to volunteer to coach or help with softball please call 831.246.7758 or email at


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Why Softball?

Softball comes with the good feelings of being part of a group effort -- which of course, improves your feeling of self-worth. Practicing with a group can help strengthen bonds, build confidence, and lower stress. Kids benefit big time from the increase in self-esteem you'll get from playing softball-- it helps them resist social pressure and learn to trust their peers.

It's also worth pointing out that being exposed to the reality of competition, preparing for games and learning to deal with performance anxiety is something that helps kids deal with high-pressure situations in school and beyond.

Because there are so many different elements in the game, softball provides full-body conditioning. Kids who play the sport will improve their hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular health.

The game involves running, swinging, and throwing--making it the perfect opportunity to build muscle strength, increase endurance, and more.

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